An illustration of Depro's new ROV solution BLUEROC for inspection down to 2000 meters depth underwater. A subsea equipment that is more flexible and cost effective. BLUEROC on a truck ready to be loading on a ship.

Depro AS collaborates with VideoRay, a global leader in Underwater ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) Technology.

We deliver VideoRay products and we have develop a ROV-system together for use in the offshore oil and gas industri, fishfarming and other.

The ROV-system BLUEROC is a remote operated container, with setup to control and operate an inspection ROV. The subsea inspection equipment is made for operations down to 2000 meter dept. The advantages of our ROV-system are that it is more affordable, smaller, more flexible and more easy to use than many other systems.

Link to Product descriptions:

VideoRays ROV Defender for specific missions down to 2000 meters dept.