3th generation of a fully electrical subsea TMS produced by Depro AS.

Electrical Tether Management System

for ROV systems

This is the 3rd generation of fully electrically powered and controlled Tethered Management System (ETMS) for ROV systems. System including winch, tether tension control, tether winder and docking / locking system for the ROV. ETMS is equipped with an onboard control system equipped with sensors and instrumentation to give reliable and safe operation.

The ETMS control system optimize the handling of the tether through precise control over the tether tension and tether speed (drum speed), these parameters are easily changed through the HMI interface. The system is delivered with topside HMI system thar are easily implemented to the ROV control system.


  • Depro drawing: DEP-GA-0438
  • Tether capacity Ø42mm: 1 000m
  • Tether capacity Ø27mm: 2 450m
  • Tether speed: 0-60m/min
  • Tether max pull force: 5 000N
  • Power: 3 000V AC 3 phase
  • Cameras: 4
  • Water depth: 3 000m (deeper on request)
  • ROV load max: 5 000kg
  • Capacity: MGW 8 970kg
  • Dimension (H x Ø): 2 375 x 2 890mm
  • Material body: Aluminium (other on request)
  • Designed to:
    – NORSOK: M-101,-120,-121,-501,-U102,-R002
    – DNV: 2.7-3, RP-H103
    – ISO: 13628-1, 13628-9
    – NS-EN-1999-1-1

Link to product decription:

E-TMS test in the Testpool 

Third generation ETMS that is immersed in Depro's test pool.