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FAT testing/delivery of E-TMS Octopus
Depro is now in the final stage of delivering the first of two fully Electric Tether Management Systems to IKM.

These two Tether Management Systems are to be used for IKM's ROV operations on Visund and Snorre platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Both systems are specially designed together with IKM for working class ROV's and can handle up to 2400 meters of tether (1000m/42mm). The main frame is constructed of aluminium to keep the weight low, this due to weight limitation in the launch areas.

Depro has developed these fully electric tether management systems to offer the market a better solution for tether control.

By designing and a developing a new control system in cooperation with IKM, the expected lifetime of the tether will increase significantly compared to traditional solutions. Control of the torque/pull forces and the tether routing design are the main drivers compared to traditional Tether management systems.

Main key benefits of Depro E-TMS:
  • Full tension/torque control
  • Max pull force between the drum and spooling unit is adjustable by the operator during operations
  • Separate control for drum, spooling and winder functions
  • Automatic release/lock of winder function in high torque/locked drive screw situation
  • Automatic pull-in of tether during return of ROV
  • Automatic docking/undocking function included fail-safe locking
  • All parameters in the control of forces and functions can be changed "in-flight"
  • All electric functions, no hydraulics actuators/motors
  • Repeatability
  • Environmental friendly with less oil

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