Subsea Servo Motor

Description for Servo Motor :
The Subsea Servo motor can be built into various applications for running accurate linear or rotational movement while having full speed control. Design, Torque and RPM can easily be altered to suit any interfaces and requirements. The unique software allows various communication alternatives allowing clients to use the Subsea Servo motor in combination with any ROV. Several inputs/outputs are available for connection of electric components or instruments.

Overall Dimensions and Material (This Example):
  • Height 526mm 
  • Diameter Ø108mm
  • Aluminum 6082-T6,   Optional AISI316 - Super Duplex

Standard Functionality:
  • Rated Depth: 3000m
  • Speed: 0,01-800 RPM (Higher speed on requeSust)
  • Torque: 0-1kNm (Higher torque on request)
  • Communication Protocols: RS232, RS485 or via Ethernet
  • Subconn Connector
  • Several Digital Inputs&Outputs, Analog Inputs&Outputs Available
  • High output power relative to motor size and weight
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Has "reserve "power. 2-3 times continuous power for short periods.

Depro AS design and make customised solutions.
  • Different Connector Brands
  • Extra Connectors for cennection of instrument etc.
  • Control pelicase with Pre-programmed HMI
  • Material selection
  • Torque Rating
  • Speed Rating
  • Depth Rating

For special cutting solutions, please contact our sales team.

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