Electric Tether Management

System E-TMS "octopus"

This fully electric tether managmenet system (TMS)have the following features:
  • Main frame constructed in steel or aluminum (selectable)
  • 4000m depth rating
  • Up to 2400 meters of tether (1000 meters of 42mm tether)
  • Variable tether speed of 0-60m/min
  • 5000N adjustable pull force
  • ROV capacity 5000Kg
  • 2 cameras and LED light fixtures included, spare ports available
  • VFD controlled motors have position feedback in addition to full control of tension/torque

Optional equipment, tether management system (TMS):
  • Cover doors
  • Control system
  • Tether
  • Swivel Bullet/swivel landing arrangement
  • ROV toolbox
  • Additional camera/light fixtures
  • Gyro

​Key benefits of this tether management system (TMS):
  • Full tension/torque control Max pull force between the drum and spooling unit is adjustable by the operator during flight, hence the main pull force on the tether is in the entry spooling unit, lower spooling unit have a better radius/force impact on the tether, hence longer liftetime for the tether.
  • Separate control for drum, spooling and winder functions
  • Automatic release/lock of winder function in high torque/locked drive screw situation
  • Constant tension control between E-TMS and ROV, this parameter is changeable during flight; this feature will also extend the lifetime of the tether.
  • Automatic docking/undocking function included fail-safe locking
  • All electric functions, no hydraulics actuators/motors Repeatability Environmental (no hydraulic oil in the unit)
  • All parameters in the control of forces and functions can be changed "in-flight"


Todays TMS systems are mainly based on electric power transformed to hydraulic power in the TMS. There has been built electric TMS’s, but mainly for observation ROV’s, this will be the first system with all electric actuators, and drive. The reason this comes now is the mature electric drive systems, control and sensor technology 
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