Crane solutions :  
  • Depro design and deliver marine / offshore cranes according to customers’ requirements.
    Customized solution are one off our strongest area.
    Do you want to solve a lifting problem? There are a possibility Depro can help you!
     “Your demand are our challenges”
    Everything is not invented yet 
    All our design will meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions for the maritime industry.

    We deliver:     
    •       Marine cranes
    •       Offshore deck cranes
    •       Slewing / Jib cranes
    •       Cranes on skidding systems
    •       Subsea cranes
    •       Overhead cranes
    •       Gantry cranes
    •       Cranes with basket system
    •       Belt driven cranes
    •      ATEX approved versions



  • Winches
  • Power packs
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There are several good suppliers and producers of winches marked.
Depro focus is to solve your complete needs for lifting winches. If standards solution not fit your demand, we makes winches according to your requirement.
We have also a big range of standard pneumatic, electric and hydraulic winches.
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