Inline Tension System

The contingency tension system consists of 2 ea. tension cylinder packages. Each package consists of a tension cylinder, 4 ea. piston accumulators and a tube for disposal of oil when activated.
The cylinders have a nominal tension of 700kN and ±3m compensation. The minimum braking load MBL is 1500kN.

A radio remote control system will be used to monitor pressure and temperature in the system, and will also be able to activate and isolate system .

If the heave compensated draw works fails during locked-to-bottom operations, the drag force on cylinder rods results in an increased pressure on the rod side of cylinders. If the pressure increases higher than the release pressure, it will activate the system, ensuring continuous tension in the drill string.

After activation, the tension system will be active as long as the rig is locked-to-bottom. When string is released from bottom structures, Inline compensator can be put into normal inactive position again.
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