Guide Heads

Guide Head is designed to stabilize the pipe stack as it is being transported to various locations on the drill floor.
Grip Head

Grip Head is part of a pipe handling system. It`s task is to transport the pipe stacks to the desired destination. This may be the mouse hole, fingerboard, the drillstring or similar. Grip Head is designed in accordance with DVN's "Drilling Plant" and is supplied with Ex sensors on all cylinders with regards to position and pressure.

Rotary Table with Jack

Rotary table with Jack is a complete system for drilling and other down hole operations. The system is designed to handle loads up to 200 tonnes.
Rotary Tables

The rotary table is designed for drilling operations. Picture shows a 25kNm rotary table. Depro also delivers 8000 LFB / ft, 12,000 lbf / ft and 25,000 lbf / ft. Depro has also developed jack, platform, Powerpacks and winsj system where the rotary table is provided.
Mini Rough Neck

The rough neck is designed for make & break function for pipe size 5” Through 8”. The guaranteed make torque is 30 000Nm. The rough neck will be operated by the use of remote function delivered with the rough neck. This is a RC 400 remote 5 PROP P67 allowing operation from the drilling cabin,
The Rough Neck is operated by hydraulic pressure regulated by the valve block integrated on the rough neck. Hydraulic functions are activated through the remote unit.


Depro designed tongs in multiple finishes.


Main Benefits of VibraEnforcer Unit
Simplified equipment
Reduced number of crews
Cost effective
Increased well up time 
These first four reasons commonly sited as THE reason for considering using Oscillation
Units and any other benefits are secondary.
The secondary benefits of Oscillation Units include:
Reduces drilling costs.
Accelerates production 
The VibraEnforcer System generates controlled axial oscillations in the drill string from the rig floor. The system consists of vibration compensation cylinders, flow control valve and an oscillation generator. The system is activated through hydraulic flow rate manipulation controlled by the operator.
The system represents an innovative technology for removing stuck tubulars and is a low risk alternative to conventional fishing operations. It is the most effective use of rig time while evaluating down hole methods!
Multi quick connection

Quick connection of hydraulics, air supply and
high pressure water for the Yme WOU

Our UNI Cutter also used at Safety cut are suitable for :Cutting Wire
Cutting Rope
Cutting Chain
Cutting Hydraulic lines
Cutting Umbilical.
Cutting Electrical Power cableData:Working Pressure: ≤ 690 bar
Push-Force: ≤ 360 ton
Cutting dia – Standard version, Maximum Ø320 (Ref user manual : TBA)
6 off M16 interface connections bolt holes included.
Dry weight ~ 900kg Additionally equipment:Electro hydraulic& pneumatic power packs
Accumulator bank for safety and fast cutting.
Control systems
Subsea designDepro AS design and make customised solutions. For special cutting solutions, please contact our sales team.
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