This is Depro AS

Depro AS is an expert in delivering tools and equipment for remote subsea operations. You can buy or rent standardized Depro products. You can also order bespoke designed products based on your drawings and IPs. We are an EPC partner. All services are available in-house!

Depro was founded in 2005. From day one, this dynamic new enterprise experienced demand from customers and succeeded in exponential growth. In 2023 we expect to have a turnover of approximately 200 million NOK.

Depro is your complete EPC partner, enabling your company to focus on its core business. At Depro, we use high level competence within the organization to deliver customized equipment in accordance with project/equipment specifications.

In order to execute the EPC, Depro uses SAPBI with an integrated project/planning module. The planning system allows each project manager to perform suitable actions in accordance with both clients’ and Depro’s requirements.

Depro’s expertise can help to boost your company’s production output and if you lack knowledge and/or capacity to find solutions for design challenges, we are happy to assist you. In 2015 we moved to a new building with 1500 sq m of office space and a 3500 sq m workshop including 500 sq m test area and a 7x5x5 test pool.

Depro works under NS5820 specifying SDRL requirements. In order to handle the vast quantities of documentation, Depro uses ProArc as the document control system.

Depro’s management system is approved by Nemko AS according to NS-ISO-14001:2015, NS-ISO 9001:2015 and NS-ISO 45001:2018.

Color portrait of CEO at Depro AS, Kåre Stokkeland.

Kåre Stokkeland