ROV Hot-Stabs and Receptacles used to power hydraulic tools, transfer fluid, perform chemical injections, and to monitor pressure. White background.

Fluid Connections Systems

Depro provide a wide range of connections systems to connect, control and energize equipment or transfer fluid. Fluid line from size ¼” to 4”, and pressure rating 0 to 1035 bar. Most known as Hot Stab and Large Bore Stab.

We have a complete range with male (hot stab) and female (receptacle) products with protection systems. We also provide different systems to avoid spillage and leakage.

Link to product descriptions:

Hot Stab System – Standard Ø35mm – according to API 17D standard:

Hot Stab System – Standard Ø43mm – according to API 17H and ISO 13628-8 standard:

Hot Stab System – Standard Ø35 and 43 mm – according to API 17H and ISO 13628-8 standard:

Large Bore System – high flow connection system 

The large bore stab system can be delivered with different interfaces on the female and male part. The system can also be delivered with instrumentations and panels to show exact pressure and flow.

Depro provide specialiced connectionssytem.