Illustration of a crane truck lifting a BLUEROC ROV solution on a ship

Subsea inspection system BLUEROC

BLUEROC is a remote operated container, with setup to control and operate an inspection ROV.

BLUEROC has two different setups for operation mode:

  • Operation to 500m water depth the BLUEROC is delivered in one 20ft container.
  • Operation to 2000m 2 containers delivered.
  • All equipment required to run an operation is included and connected.
  • Quick and easy to start the operation from the internal control room.
  • The container can be operated from an external control room through WIFI or 4G connection. The ROV is a standardized ROV system delivered by VideoRay, connected to the TMS with a 200m tether.


  • ROV specification: DEP-DS-0495/01
  • LARS specification: TBD
  • Winch specification: TBD
  • Water depth rating (E-TMS and ROV): 2 000m
  • Umbilical length: 500m (option up to 2 000m)
  • Tether length: 200m
  • Power consumption: 63 amp ,400VAC, 3 phases
  • LARS range (out from the end of the container): 7m
  • Container size: 20ft, L=6058, H=3000, W=2438mm
  • Container design: Standard offshore container according to Norsok and DNV