Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Blueroc EDM Cutting Tool with Utility Skid

The Blueroc EDM Cutting Tool is a high accuracy cutting tool for subsea operations. The cutting tool is optimized to perform cutting on subsea clamps drive screw in any material. The EDM tool has the possibility to be set up and perform high precision cutting on any other structure.

The equipment is available as a rental tool and is typical as a contingency tool during installation or intervention on subsea clamps or systems containing a bolted connection.

The Blueroc EDM Cutting Tool has a small footprint once mobilized on the vessel rig, as it is connected as a underslung skid to the WROV and utilities are supplied by the WROV.

Blueroc EDM Cutting Tool includes Depro’s controls and HMI which is easy to operate.


Designed Code: DNVGL-ST-E273 (R00-S45)
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 2300 x 1550 x 680 mm
MGW: 1800 kg
Weight in water: 30 kg (theoretical, TBA after real life test)
Design water depth: 3000 m
Electrical Power input: 110-120VAC (for control bottle)
Hydraulic pressure, max: 207 bar @ 60-75 l/min
Saltwater pressure: 60 bar @ 30 l/min. (from WROV High pressure jetting feature)
Interface towards WROV: 4 docking probes with multible configuration against most available WROV in the market.

Base Setup:

  • Blueroc EDM Tool incl. Utiility skid DEP-GA-0925
  • Class 1-4 Receptacle Interface, EDM Cutting tool DEP-GA-0760
  • Bow-Tie Interface, EDM Cutting Tool DEP-GA-0759


  • Electrode: Rotary Twin Tip Ø70/850 mm (for cut of bolt up to 70 mm and cut length up to 850 mm)
  • Electrode: Rotary Twin Tip Ø90/1000 mm (for cut of bolt up to 90 mm and cut length up to 1000 mm)
  • EDM tool can be equipped with different interface and cutting electrode upon request.

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