Depro’s building and facilities

Workshop in Depro AS.

3500 square meters Workshop.

The workshop is designed to optimize workflow and give the employees the best well-being to perform their work.

As example can be mentioned: Underfloor heating. Same ventilation standard as in offices. High luminance quality. Separate areas to dirty work and welding & grinding. Low distance between departments, including support functions and management.

7x5x5 test pool in Depro-AS.

In house test area of 200 square meters , with 190 square meters test pool.

The canteen in the building of Depro AS

Canteen with large windows and plenty of space.

Coffe place in the office part of the building at Depro AS.

Coffee corner in the office landscape.

Seating area in the office part of the building at Depro AS.

Seating area in the office landscape.

Fitness room with a lot of different equipment.

Part of the shower and cloakroom facilities of Depro AS

Wardrobe with shower.

Coffee corner in the workshop.

Office area.

The workshop hall seen from a different angle.