Hydraulic Power Unit

The Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit – HPU is made to supply hydraulic power and generate a pressure of 207 bar with a flow of 20 l / min. The HPU is driven by a 9kW electrical 400VAC motor.

The hydraulic flow has a bi-directionally automatic flow control, which generate the same output independent of electrical motor rotation directions. The enclosure is oil filled and compensated. The design is made for subsea tooling. Equipment for submersion over long periods on request.

Specification Hydraulics:
Working pressur up to: 207 bar @ 20 l/min
Alternative configuration: 414 bar @ 10l/min
Alternative configuration: 690 bar @ 6l/min
Fluid media: TBD
Material Housing: AL 6082 T6

Specification Electrical:
Depro Drawing: DEP-A-1384
Energy Consumptions: 9kW
Power: 400VAC, 3 phases, 85Hz

Specification Unit:
Weight in air: 39kg
Dimensions LxØ: 1733 x Ø325mm
Design water depth: 3000 m
Depro Drawing: DEP-A-1384

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