Clamp Release Drill Tool for subsea use with white background.

Clamp Release Drill Tool

The tool is made to Destec clamp with modified class 5 bucket (with flange). Other interfaces on request.

Function is made to remove the core of the drive screw in a subsea pipe clamp. The technique used is to drill out the core with this drilling machine.

The tool is balanced and close to neutral in sea. The clamp in front can clamp onto the bucket and need no additional support to stay in place.

The tool is equipped with several monitoring system to secure successful operations.


  • Drill bit diameter: Depend on drive screw
  • Maximum drill lenght: 500mm
  • Drill torque: 305Nm
  • Drill force: 2000N
  • Drill speed: 200 rpm
  • Hydraulic pressure – flow: 207 bar – 20 l/min
  • Hydraulic interface: 2 off 2 port Hot Stab
  • Weight Drill Tool in air / water: 290 / 30 Kg
  • Max water dept: 3000m
  • Dimensions cutter LxWxD: 2318x890x645 mm
  • Depro drawing: DEP-GA-0106

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