Image of a cutting tool made to cut umbilical and cable up to 320mm.

Cutter 360 Ton

Designed for use during installation of umbilical or cable.

The Cable Cutter is made to cut umbilical and cable up to 320mm. Also used for emergency situations where it is required to have in place an emergency system to cut the cable or umbilical during installation.
The frame / skid below shows a system with accumulator for the emergency system, and a positioner system for the cutter that can be moved sideways and up and down.


  • Depro drawing guiding system: On request
  • Depro drawing skid: DEP-GA-0279
  • Maximum push force: 360 ton
  • Maximum cutting diameter cable/umbilical: 320mm
  • Maximum space inside the cutter: 360mm
  • Maximum hydraulic working pressure: 690 bar
  • Weight cutter in air: 900Kg
  • Dimensions cutter LxHxW: 1708x640x450 mm
  • Depro drawing cutter: DEP-GA-0239

Download Product Sheet: