Soft Landing Cylinder to reduce the inpact of the load when loweringmodules into subsea structure.

Soft Landing Cylinder

Designed for modules to be installed subsea.

The Soft Landing Cylinder´s function is to reduce the impact of the load when lowering modules into subsea structure.
The devices take up the energy during landing, and reduce the speed of the module to 0 m/s.

Typical characteristic is to reduce the speed smoothly from 0,5 m/s to 0 m/s within 2-3 seconds over cylinder length.

Typical dashpot speed could be 0,02 m/s.

The characteristics and dimensions to be set are generated based on customer input.


Depro provide customized design according to customers need for weight capacity, size, stroke length, damping factor, material selections and functionality.

We have also a Soft Landing Cylinder design securing a horizontal leveling and push out functions to be able to push out the module in a controlled way.