Inline Tension System

The safe link system is designed such that heave compensation can be instantly switched from the rig’s active system to the passive ITS compensation mode.


  • Controlled weak link, acting as a safe link during shut down of operations
  • The system is operational if power is lost at Semi submerged Rig\vessel
  • Controlled weak link load values are available in range of settings to meet Client’s actual requirements
  • Quick & easy Installation – Designed to be installed within 1 hour
  • ITS is a standalone system, does not require any Semi submerged Rig \Vessel supply during operation
  • ITS has the possibility to operate as a passive heave compensator and back up for existing compensating system
  • Current design capacity is 150 tons
  • Monitored through remote operation panel
  • Activated through remote operation panel
  • Standard API interfaces
  • Adjustable activation tension
  • Custom made design available
  • Compact design allowing installation in small and narrow top drives


  • Remote isolation of system at over pull tests possible, no lifting of personnel required
  • Extensive testing has been performed in order to achieve optimal activation within required time frame
  • Safe link during operations
  • Controlled weak link
  • EX approved components
  • Making operations more safe and controlled with aspect to safety for personnel and equipment. System design verification
  • DNV approved
  • Existing design, tested and installed on Semi submerged Rig\Vessels