Linear Actuator Override Tool (LOAT) & Lockout Tool (LOT)

Linear Actuator Concept is designed to save costs and achieve increased interface flexibility. The main components are Hydraulic Power Module, Interface Units and Lockout Unit. The Linear Actuator Override Tool (LAOT) and Lock Out Tool (LOT) is designed to be operated subsea by ROVs. Function of the LAOT system is to activate valves and other equipment with linear force.
Function of the LOT is to hold a valve in a locked position. This function is manually enabled by the ROV operator. The LOT stroke length (to locked position) is fixed and should be specified by the customer, along with the interface type. LAOT and ROV can be disconnected when LOT is activated in the locked position.

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Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are delivered in a various of applications and with different functions, driven by hydraulic fluid or electrical AC/DC motor. Even used as damping cylinder to ensure soft landing of modules. Often also equipped with instrumentation to monitor energy control and asset integrity.

Depro AS manufactures our own products and develop and deliver customized designs where the costumer owns the IPs.

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