Depro AS and VideoRay LLC Combine Technology to Deliver a Seamless Solution for Challenging Offshore Inspection and Maintenance.

The world’s most powerful and reliable man-portable underwater robot deploys tools from the leading provider of inspection and intervention tools.

Depro AS, a leading provider of subsea tooling for the offshore industry, is increasing its long-term collaboration with VideoRay LLC, a leading supplier of portable underwater robots. This agreement underscores the commitment of Depro AS and VideoRay LLC to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the oil & gas and other energy industries on a global scale.

VideoRay’s advanced Mission Specialist underwater robots will be fully integrated with Depro’s BLUEROC subsea inspection system and Buddy ROV compact skid, previously used on work class ROV systems.  This tight collaboration will ensure that clients have access to the most advanced and reliable underwater inspection and intervention tools available.  It will also streamline Depro’s reaction to client requests, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced lead times.

ROV Defender

VideoRays ROV Defender for specific missions down to 2000 meters dept.

Qualified to 2000m water depth

This ROV is a standard VideoRay Defender system, equipped for the oil & gas subsea market.

This high-end system is easy and precise to control and operate, and equipped for many missions. The VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender ROV is a system which utilizes interchangeable, modular components residing on a single, intelligent network.

This topology provides an extremely ­exible and customizable platform which can be easily adapted to target speci‑c missions. It is this ­exibility which sets the Mission Specialist ROV series a part from current technology in the Remotely Operated Vehicle industry.

Specification ROV:

  • VideoRay datasheet: See link
  • Max water depth: 2 000m
  • Power Input: 240VAC & 2600W
  • Communication protocol: RS-485 and Ethernet
  • Thrusters Vectored Horizontal: 4 off, total 26,7kg pull force T
  • hrusters Vectored Vertical: 3 off, total 23,1kg pull force
  • Lighting: 2 off 38watt dual LED light with spot (60dg) and flood (110dg)
  • Weight in air: 17.2Kg
  • Size (LxWxH): 75,2 x 39,4 x 26,7cm

Specification on equipment installed the ROV:

  • Manipulator: Slide and rotating with 5 intercangablee heads
  • Camera: View angle (180dg with tilt), HD (1920×1080), 16x Digital zoom, Sensitivity <1 lux
  • Operator Control Console: 1 pelicase with daylight viewable monitor and controlos
  • Sonar: Blueprint Oculus 1200d

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