Depro AS recently had the honor of hosting a visit from the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment, Espen Barth Eide.

During the visit, the Minister had the opportunity to witness firsthand the innovative solutions and groundbreaking technologies developed by Depro AS.

The Minister expressed great appreciation for our dedication and highlighted Depro AS as a prime example of a forward-thinking company actively working towards a greener future by making more effective subsea tools which reduce the time during subsea operations.

We are constantly looking at how we can develop products and systems that help save the environment from emissions, in all phases of the tools lifecycle, including operational impact and savings.

Every hour in operation, with the personnel, equipment, and vessel in use, exceed our environmental footprint to produce the tool. When we develop more efficient and sustainable products it benefits both the customer and the environment. This makes the operations faster, thus saving time and in that way reducing customers cost and environmental impact. Sustainable solutions goes hand in hand with cost savings.

The latest development is the ROV Buddy Skid with a VideoRay observation ROV system mounted underneath a Work Class ROV. This system generates more than 40% time savings and 60% cost savings.

At Depro AS we actively seek opportunities to innovate and pioneer sustainable solutions within our industry.

We firmly believe that economic growth and environmental protection can go hand in hand.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Minister of Climate and Environment for taking the time to visit our facilities and recognize our efforts.