New product ALLEY Observation ROV.

VideoRay and Depro is proud to announce the launch of the new Mission Specialist Ally ROV.

Ally is the newest member of the Mission Specialist family, joining the ranks of the highly sought-after Defender, selected by the US Navy to support their Maritime Expeditionary Standoff Response (MESR) program.

Ally offers a baseline Mission Specialist solution for those with challenging applications requiring a cost-effective solution. The platform delivers a powerful alternative that allows users to expand their vehicle’s capabilities and add to their fleet as their budget and needs evolve. The new four-thruster ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) boasts an impressive 4-knot forward speed with lateral thrust capability to deliver agility and power.

Ally shares common components with all other Mission Specialist top side units, vehicles, tethers, and modules, for complete product line compatibility and expansion. This enables customers operating VideoRay’s top-of-the-line Defenders to supplement their fleet with a lower-cost option. The versatile Ally can support operations with specific mission profiles and also serves as a source for readily available spares modules to help ensure mission uptime.

Ally’s base configuration features LED lights and VideoRay’s new Ultra 4K Smart Camera with onboard processing. Options include a unique spring-loaded vertical manipulator capable of lifting loads up to 9.5 kg (21 lbs), as well as a forward-looking sonar and DVL (Doppler Velocity Log) for customers requiring navigation.

VideoRay`s comments.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Ally to the market” announced Marcus Kolb, VideoRay’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Ally provides customers who aspire to our world-renowned Mission Specialist technology with an entry-level ROV that can expand with their budget and needs – and can ultimately evolve into a top-of-the-line Defender. The fact that it shares common topside consoles and subsea modular components with our other Mission Specialist underwater robots delivers a huge advantage, allowing for cost-effective fleet expansion. We can’t wait to begin delivering Ally to our customers in June.”

Depro have strengthen the sales team.

Jonny Østvand, who has worked with underwater robots from VideoRay for 18 years, is now employet by Depro to have a special focus on this product group.

For more information about Ally, visit the product page.