Depro has over many years developed attractive tooling concepts for subsea use.
The latest development is the ROV Buddy Skid with a VideoRay ROV system for a Work Class ROV.

This system provides the opportunity to bring one additional ROV system subsea and can be a support system to the Work Class ROV.
This will give access to better visual control, and access to areas with limited space.

Such a system gives better visual control by only deploying one ROV system. That way eliminate the need for a seperate OBS ROV system that require heavy resources during mobilization as well as their own ROV pilots.
Our Buddy ROV system is easy to operate and will be operated by existing pilots, which in turn is a great saving for the customer.

Rental solution

Depro will provide this solution to support the operation performed for Equinor at the Johan Castberg field.
This operation will run from the Viking Neptun vessel.

Havfram have selected Depro technology for the job and rent the equipment for this campaign.
Havfram is a subsea and offshore wind contractor in Stavanger which are running the operation for Equinor.

For many customers, renting subsea tools is more attractive than buying.
Depro are therefore increasing the Rental Tool Pool with this ROV Buddy Skid system.

Worth mentioning in this context that Depro produce Subsea equipment as E-TMS, BLUEROC and other advanced ROV tooling, all with built in high grade of instrumentation to deliver the best operation output and the ability to deliver documented performance.