New ROV-concept from Depro AS, gives massive cost reduction for operators

A number of ROV operations are expensive due to high cost of equipment and complex operation setup. Depro AS and VideoRay LLC have developed a new, compact and flexible ROV concept which is easy to use and quick to mobilize. The ROV concept named BLUEROC is a cost saving system for the operator. Several customers have mentioned up to 75% in savings.

BLUEROC is a remotely operated container solution, designed to control and operate an inspection ROV. The container consists of equipment required to run the operation (operation room, winch, LARS, TMS and the ROV).

BLUEROC is quick to mobilize and install on the vessel. All parts needed to run the operation are delivered in one 20 feet container. The system is ready to be operated within 1 hour.

BLUEROC is designed to operate in water depths down to 2000 meter.

Such a compact system can be used on all type of vessels that have available space for a 20 feet container. This gives the opportunity to use vessel with low day rates, which contributes to lower cost for the operator.

This product is comprehensive, has direct sales, rental alternatives, and operational support offshore or onshore.

The system is easy to operate. Customers buying the ROV-concept will be offered a training program on how to operate BLUEROC. BLUEROC is delivered with standard setup for 4G and Wi-Fi connection.

Offer innovative, remote operational concepts

“This product is a part of a long term Depro strategy, where we want to offer innovative, remote operational concepts which generates high customer value. Depro has a strong global position.

To strengthen our position, we believe it is important to drive the technology towards more cost efficient and environmentally beneficial concepts and products”, says Kenneth Olsen who is the CMO of Depro.

“The concept and our vision has been well received by customers. The first system is ordered and will be delivered by the end of this year”.

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Depro AS, with headquarter in Bryne, Norway, is a leading Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) supplier with expertise in building remotely operated tools used in subsea operations. Depro supplies advanced technology to worldwide customers. 90% of Depro’s production goes to customers outside Norway. The biggest market segment is the oil and gas industry.

VideoRay LLC, with headquarters in Pottstown, Pa., is a global leader in underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs) used for observation and inspection. Since 1999, VideoRay has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing ROVs to transform the way people work underwater. Its products are designed to accommodate several different accessories for a variety of assignments.