The need for reliable, precise, and cost-efficient subsea tools is increasing in Brazil.

Before Christmas, we sent the Buddy ROV system to our customer who will perform inspections of riser and jacket, starting in January 2024.

Follow this link to see more about the Buddy ROV system.

Depro has been manufacturing eTMS for many years. Now we also produce a compact eTMS skid with a VideoRay Defender observation ROV.

The smaller observation ROV operates in conjunction with the work class ROV.

The system allows the ROV operator to access confined spaces, and a view from a different angle than the larger work class ROV system can perform. This gives the ROV operator much better visual control of operations.

VideoRay Defender is the compact observation system, and it has a standard setup with controls and HMI setup that is easy to operate.

Defender ROV can be equipped with tools, including manipulator. The ROV system and eTMS is fully electrically powered and controlled, all qualified to 2,000m water depth. The ROV system has 200m tether.

The Buddy ROV is available for rent or sale.​