A cutting tool for pipelines and steel structures subsea laying on the floor in Depro's workshop hall.

Saw 155mm


Designed for use subsea, and remote operated through ROV.

The design of this cutting tool is based on standard metal saw blade powered with a hydraulic motor and 2 hydraulic cylinders to push the blade into object to cut.

The tool has a manual locking system to lock the tool onto to object to cut.


  • Maximum cutting diameter: Ø155mm
  • Saw blade: Ø460mm
  • Hydraulic pressure – flow: 207 bar – 20 l/min
  • Hydraulic interface: 4 port Hot Stab
  • Weight cutter in air / water: 205 / 173 Kg
  • Max water dept: 3000m
  • Dimensions cutter LxHxW: 373x362x409 mm
  • Depro drawing: DEP-GA-0167