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Depro AS, manufacturer of ROV tools to projects all over the world

We are specialists in the construction of functional and cost-efficient ROV tools

Reliable subsea equipment for remote operations

Depro AS is a Norwegian manufacture of ROV tooling. We have over many years build up experience in making reliable, user friendly and cost efficient products. Our subsea products meet expectations to demanding customers worldwide. Thats why many international companies choose to buy or rent subsea equipment from Depro.

All services in-house

Our services are related to developing of products, testing, support during installation, modification and operations. Our engineers have an extensive knowledge of design connected to materials-technology, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and control systems.

Subsea tools & equipment

Depro AS is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment for remote operation in the Oil & Gas industry worldwide. Our customers can buy standardized Depro technologies or bespoke products based on customer`s drawings and IPs. Have a look at our products.

Rent or buy

It’s your choise. A rental solution can reduced CAPEX, give you a hassle-free tool management and reduced storage space. As a manufacturer, we secure correct maintanance, quality and life cycle management that will reduce risk of failure during the operation of older tools.


Our team is available

We work hard to exceed our customers`expectation. Therefore we are a recognized partner for companies in the oil and gas industry worldwide.


We develop cost efficient and high quality tools to be used in subsea operations!

Depro AS design, develop and manufacturer multidisciplinary products and concepts for remote operations subsea. Most of our products is designed to 3 000m water depth. The majority of our products is remotely operated and used in subsea oil & gas fields worldwide. Typical operation are Field Development as well as Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) work.

We see a trend going towards more electric tools, and to collect more operational data from the tool. We have a wide range of electrical components and electrical control systems to provide reliable live data from the operation.

Deliver products to projects all over the world

Projects where Depro AS has delivered equipment and tooling.

Why Choose Our Services?

We have multidiscipline competence in engineering and fabrication: Mechanic, Hydraulic, Electric, Pneumatic, Control system.

We have extensive experience in making ROV tools and are trusted by several international companies.

We are complete EPC contractor. As a customer you can buy our standard subsea tools, or products based on your own design and IP`s.

We deliver Norwegian quality in products and service. Our network of world leading suppliers around us increases our capabilities and capacity.


Black and white portrait of Department Manager Sales at Depro, Jan Arild Herredsvela, with white background.

Jan Arild Herredsvela
Department Manager Sales

Tel: +47 950 41 332

Arild Vinningland
Key Account Manager

Tel: +47 909 18 866

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